Light the World

It is estimated that 1.5 billion people worldwide lack access to a reliable source of electricity. In Central America, 7.4 million people live without electricity, while in Nicaragua that number translates to one in four people living without electricity.

Some live off the electric grid, while others might have access to electricity, but can’t actually afford to use it. Families without energy rely on burning candles, wood or kerosene for light, which can be expensive, flammable and can cause poor air quality.

There is a significant correlation between students who have lights at home and how well they do in school. In efforts to provide light to a new generation of Nicaraguans, the Esperanza Market will donate a solar-powered light to students living in Nicaragua without electricity. We hope this will improve literacy and graduation rates for the students receiving the lights.

We have started with Education Plus Nicaragua, a nonprofit that supplies education, food, medical care to the children on the Pantanal barrio outside of Granada, Nicaragua. Most residents of the Pantanal baron live off of $2 per day or less and the majority live in homes with dirt floors and do not have access to fresh water or electricity.



We donated the first round of lamps in October 2015. Here is what some of the students had to say.