Just Another Machu Picchu Photo

The internet, Instagram accounts, Tinder profiles are all full of Machu Picchu photos. And for good reason. The ancient lost city in the clouds is absolutely stunning. Abandoned by the Incas in the mid-1500s when the Spanish arrived, the jagged Andean mountain tops and overgrown jungle hide and preserved the once thriving settlement until the American professor Hiram Bingham rediscovered it in 1911. Now the national treasure is the number one tourist attraction of South America.

Here are few more Machu Picchu photos, because you can never get too much beauty on the internet.

morning sunrise over Machu Pichhu

 morning photos of Machu Pichhu Peru

morning in Machu Pichhu Peru

windows of world machu picchu peru

Clouds rising over Machu Picchu

window to seventh wonder of world peru

traditional inca women in Machu Picchu

llama at machu picchu peru

black and white machu picchu