A Day in the Life of Children in Pantanal, Nicaragua Part 2

The Picture Poverty project gave 15 children in one to the poorest areas of Latin America disposable cameras and told them to document their world. Each child is a student at Esperanza Plus Nicaragua, a nonprofit in Pantanal, Nicaragua that provides education and food  to children in the community.

The typical Pantanal resident lives in a one or two room shack with dirt floors, no running water and no electricity. About 70 percent of the adults are under or unemployed and many do not have enough money for the basics such as food and medicine.

Poverty is a daily reality for children in this community. Malnutrition is rampant resulting in lack of energy and stunting mental and physical growth. Some children begin sniffing glue to ward off hunger pains, while other beg on the streets of nearby tourist towns or turn to illegal activities such as robbery or prostitution.

Despite these harsh realities, when given cameras to document their world they turn the lens on what is most important to them, family, friends and community. 

Thanks to the generosity of The Darkroom, who developed the film for free for our project.

Baby in Jungle in Nicaragua

baby and student in Pantanal Nicaragua

girl hands on hips Pantanal Nicaragua

Nicaragua Landscape near Granada with Volcano

living in poverty shacks Nicaragua

student living in poverty in Nicaragua

little girl smiling despite poverty in Nicaragua

girls with traditional dress Nicaraguakids hanging out in Pantanal Nicaragua

girl sitting on bed shack Nicaragua

women doing laundry barrio Nicaragua

student walking to school outside Granada Nicaraguastudent in NicaraguaNicaragua has one of highest teen pregnancy rates in Latin AmericaStudent learning to use cameras for Picturing Poverty project Nicaraguatraditional dance Nicaraguasisters in Pantanal Nicaragua

girl making heart with hands in Nicaragua


With each bag purchased at the Esperanza Market, we will donate a solar-powered reading lamp to these students who live without electricity in Pantanal. 

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