Picturing Poverty in Nicaragua (Part One)

In October we gave 15 students at Education Plus Nicaragua disposable cameras. These students live in Pantanal, Nicaragua, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Latin America. This urban ghetto is located in the outskirts of the tourist mecca Granada. Most residents live without indoor plumbing, electricity and little money for even the basics. Because children in the community live in extreme poverty, Pantanal is the number one source of Granada's street children, child prostitutes and criminals.

We gave the kids the cameras for three days and told them to take pictures of their world. Thanks to the generosity of The Darkroom, who developed the film for free for our project, we have more than 120 photos to go through. Here is the first round taken by students between 9 and 12 years old. 

woman standing alone in poverty area near Granada Nicaragua

child living in poverty in Nicaraguanicaraguan couple in traditional dress

nicaragua landscape road sky and volcano

child living in poverty in Pantanal Nicaragua

dirt roads in ghetto Pantanal Nicaragua

young girl with baby poverty neighborhood Nicaragaugirl in traditional Nicaragua dress

two little girls in traditional dresses Nicaragua

mom and son in nicaragua

kids with a pig in nicaragua

spanish school writing in nicaragua


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