Our First Giving Partner

One-third of the Nicaraguan population lives without electricity. One of the Esperanza Market’s goals is to provide children living in Nicaragua without electricity a solar-powered lamp to study at night. To do this, we will go school by school and distribute lamps to their students.

Our first giving partner is Education Plus Nicaragua and we could not have picked a better partner to start with. Education Plus Nicaragua provides education, nutrition and health to the kids of Pantanal, Nicaragua, one of the poorest neighborhoods in the world. Pantanal is an impoverished barrio right outside of the tourist mecca of Granada. It has virtually no paved roads or indoor water and though many homes are wired for electricity, families do not have enough money to actually use it. About 85% of the students live in dirt floor shacks.

Barrio Pantanal Nicaragua shack with studentBarrio outside Granada Nicaragua ShackPoor neighborhood outside Granada Nicaragua

Nicaragua has the highest primary school drop out rate in Central America. In Pantanal, there are just three public schools for the 9,000 students in the neighborhood. The Nicaraguan government only educates students for four hours a day, half the time an average American student spends in school.                                             


Students in class at Education Plus Nicaragua                                                                                                                                   

One of the goals of Education Plus Nicaragua is to keep the children off the streets and provide them with additional education to make it possible for them to succeed in school to hopefully end the cycle of poverty. Thirteen classes a week are dived amount age groups. Education Plus provides supplementary education in Spanish literary, math, English and other fundamentals


 Many of the students who start at Education Plus suffer from malnutrition resulting in lack of energy, lightened hair pigmentation as a result of protein deficiency and mental and physical stunting. Some children in the neighborhood turn to sniffing glue as a way to ward off hunger pains. Education Plus Nicaragua also provides each student with a vitamin and vitamin-fortified meal every school day.

Malnutrition child in Nicaragua eating poverty Students at Education Plus Nicaragua with solar powered lampBoy students at Education Plus Nicaragua

Want to help Education Plus Nicaragua help these children?

 Education Plus Nicaragua recently started a Sponsor a Child program. For $40 a month, you can sponsor a child. That money pays for their monthly schooling, school supplies, a daily fortified meal (sometimes the only meal they eat), health check-ups, medication, activities and school supplies.


To learn more about the organization or to donate, click here: http://eduplusnicaragua.org.