Bathwater Beer of the Gods

September 30, 2016

searching for chicha de jora in peru

The first time I heard about chicha, a corn beer fermented with the saliva of virgins, I immediately put tasting it on my bucket list. I

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students in smiling in class in poverty stricken part of peru

Kuoda Travel is a socially responsible travel agency in Cusco, Peru. In addition to customizing travel vacations for families and couples, the agency provides supplementary education to children in a remote, poverty-stricken area and computer classes to communities that lay outside the popular tourist track. 

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Just Another Machu Picchu Photo

September 13, 2016

What to do at Machu Pichhu Peru

The internet, Instagram accounts, Tinder profiles are all full of Machu Picchu photos. And for good reason. The ancient lost city in the clouds is absolutely stunning. Here are a few more because the internet can not have too much beauty. 

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Women textile co-op in Peru

Peru has a long tradition of weaving textiles, so we stopped in a traditional Andean village in the Sacred Valley to find out how they do it. 

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What to pack for Rainbow Mountain Hike Peru

The Rainbow Mountains are Peru's best kept secret, for now. 

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What to do in Granada Nicaragua

Headed to Granada Nicaragua soon? Here are five activities that should be on your To DO list. 

Have a fruit juice in the Parque Central before taking a tour of the city in a horse-drawn carriage. Do not forget to book a tour of the unforgettable Isletas in Lake Nicaragua. 

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women making travel bags in Guatemala

Find out how two sisters inspired by a close family friend started Alicia San Marcos, an ethical fashion company that has supplied more than 32,000 school supplies to underserved children in Guatemala. 

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solar project volunteer tourism Nicaragua

GRID Alternatives' International Program brings solar power to rural communities in Nicaragua, which is right up our alley! For those who want to volunteer with this organization they have two upcoming trips in October and November. 


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volunteer in schools in nicaragua

Being the second-poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, Nicaragua has plenty of opportunities to lend a helping hand before climbing Isla Ometepe in Lake Nicaragua or surfing in San Juan del Sur. In a four-part series, the Esperanza Market will highlight four great organizations needing volunteers.

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Backpacks with a Purpose, or B-WAP, is a line of adult backpacks that supplies backpacks for people in need. For each backpack purchased, B-WAP donates two child-sized backpacks to a domestic or international nonprofit.

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